Armelle Phalipon

Bio:Armelle Phalipon leads the group working on adaptive immunity to Shigella infection and development of vaccine strategies in the Molecular Microbial Pathogenesis Unit directed by Professor Philippe Sansonetti (Institut Pasteur). With more than 15 years of experience working on Shigella, she has deciphered the targets and effectors of the humoral response to infection and discovered two novel molecular mechanisms of secretory IgA-mediated protection at mucosal surfaces. She is currently studying the direct targeting of cells of the adaptive immunity by Shigella virulence effectors and its consequence in term of induction of the adaptive immune repsonse. Dr. Phalipon has a long-standing interest in combining fundamental and applied research, as exemplified by her participation in the development of dipsticks for diagnosis of shigellosis in emergency conditions based on the use of monoclonal antibodies, generated by her, for fundamental research purposes. In addition, in collaboration with Dr. Laurence Mulard (Chemistry of Biomolecules Unit, Institut Pasteur), she has developed an alternative approach to design subunit vaccines to Shigella infection, i.e. chemically defined glycoconjugate vaccines based on the use of synthetic oligosaccharides mimicking the protective epitopes of the polysaccharide moiety of lipopolysaccharide, the main protective Shigella antigen. A phase I trial will be started in 2016. Dr. Phalipon has been member of the WHO Steering Committee for Diarrheoal Diseases. Deeply involved since many years in teaching activities both at the national and international level, she launched in collaboration with Fréréric Tangy the first Vaccinology Course at the Pasteur Institute in 2008.
Address:Molecular Microbial Pathogenesis Unit, Institut Pasteur, Paris
28 Rue du Dr. Roux
FR - France

Last update: Friday, May 20, 2011
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