Marie-Lise Gougeon

Bio:• Marie-Lise Gougeon is heading the « Antiviral Immunity, Biotherapy and Vaccine » unit at Institut Pasteur. She has a long-standing interest in deciphering the viral strategies developed by persistent viruses to escape immune attack. Recently, her research addressed the question of the contribution of innate immunity to the control of HIV infection, focusing particularly on the role of alarmins (such as HMGB1) in the constitution of HIV reservoirs in dendritic cells.
• Moreover, her unit has been actively involved these last 10 years in the immunomonitoring of vaccine trials. She has set up a platform developing new tools with multiparametric approaches, with the aim to 1- thoroughly characterize the immune response to candidate vaccines in phase I and phase II clinical trials; 2- Identify immune signatures and correlates of protection. Recently, her team evaluated the immunogenicity of a live attenuated new candidate vaccine against Shigella dysenteriae-1, developed in Philippe Sansonetti’s laboratory. This phase 2 trial showed that a single oral immunization of SC599 vaccine in healthy volunteers elicited significant circulating IgA antibody secreting cell and serum antibody responses that may confer protection against the most severe symptoms of Shigellosis in responders to the vaccine (Launay O et al. Vaccine, 2009). As a partner of Stopenterics consortium, ML Gougeon’s team will further develop new tools to better characterize innate and adaptive immunity specific for Shigella, both in the context of natural infection and vaccine responses.

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