The Project Coordinator

The overall project coordination will be the responsibility of the Scientific Coordinator, Pr. Philippe Sansonetti

With the help and support of the Institut Pasteur's Management Team, Pr. Philippe Sansonetti will be responsible for overseeing the scientific and technical progress of the project, through direct interaction with the Project Leaders and their respective participants, and for ensuring that all deliverables and milestones are met.

Philippe Sansonetti heads a 38-people internationally recognized research laboratory at the Institut Pasteur and has significant experience in the coordination of international projects and clinical trials.

In particular, the Scientific Coordinator will be in charge of:

  • Initiating the project with a Kick-Off Meeting in order to define and coordinate the interactions between each partner.
  • Monitoring project activities, priorities, schedule/timeline, and progress with respect to Work Packages, deliverables and milestones.
  • Administering the Community financial contribution and over-viewing the financial accounts with respect to the payments of funds granted by the European Commission.
  • Monitoring compliance by the Parties with their obligations.
  • Distributing documents and information connected with the Project and Contract performance among the contractors concerned.
  • Collecting, reviewing to verify consistency, preparing and submitting all Scientific and Management Reports to the European Commission.
  • Chairing the Steering Committee.
  • Organising and supervising all Scientific and Steering Committee meetings, Annual General Assembly meetings, preparing the meeting agenda, drafting and distributing the meeting minutes.
  • Overseeing IPR issues according to the Consortium Agreement.

Last update: Thursday, August 25, 2011
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