The Management Team

A multidisciplinary Management Team, composed of experts/managers/personnel from the Institut Pasteur's Grant Office, Financial Department, Legal Department, Patents Office, Human Resources Department, assists the Scientific Coordinator, throughout the project's duration, in all management-related, administrative, financial and legal/IPR tasks.

This Management Team has an extensive experience in the preparation, negotiation and management of projects funded through national, European and international programmes.

A STOPENTERICS Project Manager, specifically appointed by the Management Team at the beginning of the project, provides:

  • assistance to the Scientific Coordinator and, in particular, be the contact point for all administrative, financial and legal issues arising from the project.
  • information to the partners to help them with the preparation of their periodic reports,
  • Assistance to the Project Coordinator and partners in the organisation of project meeting
  • Assistance to the steering committee members.

Last update: Tuesday, January 4, 2011
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